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Volume eyelash extensions

Dimensional Volume eyelash extensions


NEW 2D-6D Volume+ Lashes! 

New Eyelash Extensions volumized technique from Russia

  • 200+ lashes per eye
  • Perfect for fine or sparse natural lashes
  • Longer lasting than Traditional lashes

Designed to provide clients with the increased volume they are searching for, but in a way that does not overload and damage the natural lashes, Volume+ Lashes can be anywhere from 2-6 times the natural lash length and number. Traditional eyelash extensions are applied one by one to the natural lashes, and for clients who have naturally sparse or fine lashes it’s not always possible to get that extreme volume. Volume Lashes allow a client who has sparse lashes, or those with regular lashes to have more lashes applied than would normally be allowed, due to the number of natural lashes to work with, giving a naturally soft and thick, voluminous appearance.

Volume+ lashes are superfine and incredibly light, and 3–6 lashes can be applied per natural lash to create incredible volume on any type of eyelash. The lack of weight in the extensions also means that they are healthier for the natural lashes, and with proper care, will generally last a lot longer than traditional eyelash extensions.

Not for the impatient, the service takes around 2-3.5 hours, depending on the look a client is after. And you can be assured of an absolutely stunning, long lasting look that will be the envy of your friends!

Q.  Is 2D-6D Volume+ Lashes method safe/healthy for my natural lashes?

A.  Yes!  The eyelash extensions used for the Volume technique are mink/silk much thinner in diameter therefore very little weight is added to your lashes, including the adhesive.  

Q.  Can I get more length with this new Volume+ technique?

A.  The focus is on VOLUME with this technique.  While you may get a few millimeters longer than your natural lashes, it is important to not focus on length with this method as the longer lashes are, the sparser they may appear at the base. If the extensions are longer, more weight is added to your natural lash and can cause premature shedding.

Q.  Does this process cost more?

A.  Yes it does because this process takes more hours to apply, more skills and more lashes.  The great thing is clients will be able to extend their filling time from 2-3 weeks with traditional extensions to 3-5 weeks with Volume Lashes.


Volume eyelash extensions

2D-3D Volume set (2-2.5hrs)= $210- $260
4D-6D Volume set (3-3.5hrs)= $310- $360

45 mins= $70
60 mins= $80
75 mins=$90
90 mins= $100 

Transitional set from individual to Volume. 

For those that are looking to go from their individual set to these Volume lashes there is a way. You will not have to take the previous ones off. There will be a transition period where we will be mixing these new lashes onto your old set. Ask your lash stylist for details

90 minutes $135

120 minutes $160