Q.  Is 2D-6D Volume+ Lashes method safe/healthy for my natural lashes?

A.  Yes!  The eyelash extensions used for the Volume technique are mink/silk much thinner in diameter therefore very little weight is added to your lashes, including the adhesive.  

Q.  Can I get more length with this new Volume+ technique?

A.  The focus is on VOLUME with this technique.  While you may get a few millimeters longer than your natural lashes, it is important to not focus on length with this method as the longer lashes are, the sparser they may appear at the base. If the extensions are longer, more weight is added to your natural lash and can cause premature shedding.

Q.  Does this process cost more?

A.  Yes it does because this process takes more hours to apply, more skills and more lashes.  The great thing is clients will be able to extend their filling time from 2-3 weeks with traditional extensions to 3-5 weeks with Volume Lashes.